Anbefalt servicekontrakt

This is a finished requirement specification that you can ask for a price from a lift company. It is based on the tender that Oslo municipality Omsorgsbygg has recently used in its tender for the delivery of lift services in 2016. This describes in detail the mission the lift company must have, good customer contact, what the lift fitter must do during service, as well as good routines. It also requires the use of qualified labor so that you as a customer know what you are getting. Feel free to send it to a lift company and ask for a price.

Download the service agreement by clicking HERE .

To download a form to fill in how many lifts/type you are responsible for, click HERE . (After you have filled this in, you can send it to the company and ask for a price).

If you want a smaller requirement specification, you should make a requirement to use companies that use lift fitters, and that a service visit has a good content. The more inspection visits a year, the less unforeseen downtime there will be. Technical regulations (Tek 17) recommend 4 inspection visits  for homes with up to 4 floors, and 6 inspection visits  per year for commercial buildings with up to 4 floors. If there are several floors, or the lift is used a lot, more inspection visits are recommended.

No one wants to use a lift company that only «runs by your lift and sees that it runs», and then invoices you as a customer at full price. Make demands on the company you choose!

If you have questions about the agreement, the website, or questions about a supplier – contact us!